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Chip and Seal Driveways in Arlington Woods Park / Trend Park / Bruce Sand Pit, Nepean

Chip and Seal Driveways in Arlington Woods Park / Trend Park / Bruce Sand Pit, Nepean

Are you considering installing a chip and seal (oil and stone) driveway? This driveway installation method is popular among homeowners because it provides numerous advantages. Chip and seal driveways can have a course or smooth, even surface that will last for years after they are installed. The driveway is also sturdy and long-lasting, making it ideal for high-traffic regions. This sort of driveway may also be installed quickly by a professional and requires little upkeep once completed.

Because Ottawa experiences all four seasons throughout the year, installing a long-lasting driveway is a wise decision. A good driveway may help protect the weather from harming it, whether you live in a sunny area or one that receives a lot of precipitation throughout the year. Driveways that haven’t been properly prepped and erected can be severely damaged by snow, ice, and rain. These factors can cause not only cracked or chipped pavement, but also significant damage to your home.

Chip and seal in Arlington Woods Park / Trend Park / Bruce Sand Pit, Nepean
A chip and seal driveway has a distinct appearance. Chip and seal driveways are also thicker than standard asphalt driveways, and many homeowners like its opulent appearance. Chip and seal driveways, also known as oil and stone or tar and chip driveways, are a budget-friendly alternative to other long-lasting materials. Oil and Stone / Chip and Seal driveways are far more aesthetically beautiful than asphalt, gravel, or concrete.

Concrete and asphalt driveways require far more upkeep than chip and seal driveways. Pressure-washing concrete and asphalt driveways is a necessary. Chip and seal driveways only require sweeping on occasion. Chip and seal driveways only need to be resealed every three to five years, rather than every year like asphalt. You’ll save a lot of money this way!

Chip and seal applications have a reputation for being environmentally benign. Chip sealing is applied to parking lots, city roadways, and highways, as well as driveways. The amount of dust, dirt, and debris in road runoff can be reduced via chip sealing. Chip sealing reduces dust production. Chip sealing helps to cut down on the amount of asphalt and coal tar used. Oil and stone driveways are an excellent environmentally friendly option for those that care about the environment.

Chip and seal roads have a high-end feel to them. Chip and seal streets and driveways are linked with elegance because they entail the innovative use of natural materials, despite their affordability. Gravel is one of these materials. Gravel is a size of rock that has been conditioned to be the ideal aggregate for your oil and stone driveway. They are the ideal size for giving your home a lovely appeal.

Get in contact with us immediately to talk about a chip and seal driveway for your house. Do you need a new driveway? Or do you have an old one that needs to be updated? Chip and seal may be the best option for your driveway renovation. Driveways, patios, parking lots, and roads can all benefit from chip and seal. Chip and seal also provides a nice touch to well-kept gardens. The beauty of natural stone complements the utility of the driveway.

We are excited to collaborate with you. To save 15% on your chip and seal driveway, please contact us today and mention our website.

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