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Basement Waterproofing in Fitzroy Harbour, Rural Ottawa West

Basement Waterproofing in Fitzroy Harbour, Rural Ottawa West

Citywide Home Improvement has been servicing Ottawa for years, and our high-quality services have earned us a great reputation. We strive to be industry leaders by providing a wide range of services, including Ottawa Basement Water Proofing.

Most Ottawa residents are terrified of the term “wet basement.” A flooded basement can ruin your floor, your paperwork, and even your home’s structure! It is critical that you engage Citywide Home Improvement’s skilled professionals to help you with all of your waterproofing needs. We specialize in a variety of basement water proofing options to keep your property safe from this danger.

Waterproofing basement in Fitzroy Harbour, Rural Ottawa West
Citywide Home Improvement recognizes that selecting an appropriate Ottawa Basement Water Proofing system to repair your home can be difficult and time-consuming. Our staff of highly qualified specialists is something we are proud of. Our staff will first inspect your home to select the best waterproofing solution. Our waterproofing services are guaranteed to work and provide long-term solutions for your flooded basements.

Many companies in Fitzroy Harbour, Rural Ottawa West provide this service, but because we are owner-operated, each job carries our full reputation. When it comes to providing high-quality waterproofing services, Citywide Home Improvement is a frontrunner.

We provide a free inspection with no strings attached. Fill out our free consultation form and we’ll get back to you within 24 hours.

We employ techniques such as below-grade water proofing, which have shown to be more cost-effective and easier to apply in both new and existing homes. We can also build drainage systems under the basement of the concrete floor or even at the bottom of the footing using current technologies such as covering blocks with sealants.

If you find any dampness in your basement, please contact us right away!

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We will discuss all aspects of your Fitzroy Harbour, Rural Ottawa West project over the phone. .

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